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HT-SAAE New Product Output Power Hits Industrial Record

SHANGHAI, Jan. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently tested and certified by TUV Rheinland, an internationally authoritative certification body, the peak output power (Pmax) of N-type PERT high-efficiency mono-crystalline silicon solar module and that of HIGHWAY Plus photovoltaic module (based on 60 pieces of 156mm*156mm) made from P-type high-efficiency poly-crystalline silicon solar cells have reached up to 335.6Wp and 310.5Wp respectively. This figure has hit the new record of silicon module products of the like in the industry. Both products are based on independent R&D technology of Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as HT-SAAE).


The recognition of the two newly developed products certified by TUV Rheinland has marked an unprecedented technical breakthrough of HT-SAAE. In other words, HT-SAAE has reached the leading industrial technological level respectively in the field of N-type mono-crystalline silicon and high-efficiency poly-crystalline silicon, both of which are the major future trends of crystalline silicon technology.


The Highway Plus high-efficiency poly-crystalline silicon product is the updated version of the Highway product released last year. The bus bars of the updated version are still based on the Multi tech technology of the first-generation. In addition to this, the updated version is integrated with many efficient and innovative techniques and procedures, including high efficiency solar cell and matching technique, the technique to improve efficiency by reducing electricity loss, the light trapping technique to enhance optical absorption, and advanced integration packaging technology of solar panel, thus HT-SAAE has taken a big step towards the target to reduce the levelized cost of electricity and realize the grid parity for end users.


HT-SAAE's N-type PERT high-efficiency mono-crystalline silicon solar module, which received high expectation from the industry, has finally come out. As HT-SAAE's featured product in 2015, this product will be shortly released in many marketplaces all over the world, and its debut will be during Japan's 2015 PV EXPO tradeshow.


Doctor Zhang Zhongwei, CTO of HT-SAAE said, "To realize sustainable business and become a global first-class enterprise with leading technology is the mission of HT-SAAE. Since the 1960s, HT-SAAE has spent half a century gaining abundant experience in the photovoltaic industry. With R&D as its starting engine and lean production as the core competency, HT-SAAE has realized remarkable quantity of high quality projects worldwide."


HT-SAAE has focused on photovoltaic technology R&D and application, and possessed many independent patents for innovation. Especially in the past three years, HT-SAAE has achieved remarkable accomplishments in both sales revenue growth and technology innovation, which attracted attention from all over the world. HT-SAAE is dedicated to deliver higher quality and smarter products to the clients.

Source: Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd.